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Advisors Murray I. Coulter
After 50 years in the mutual fund industry, it has come time for me step aside and allow for others to continue my work. Many of our clients have worked with me for several years, in some cases decades, and have become not only clients but very close friends. I have seen families be born, grow stronger, and become people I have been proud to know. As you are all aware, my son Michael has worked with me for the last number of years which has allowed me to educate him on how to service everyone the way I would have done it myself. I have complete confidence in his ability to carry on in my stead growing your portfolios to meet your future financial needs. I thank you for the enduring support over the years and wish you all the very best in the years to come.
Advisors Michael Coulter
With 25years experience in the investment industry Michael continues to strive to provide the best service available to several hundred clients along side his father Murray Coulter. Offering professional planning and advice for all their clients.

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